So why should you be an SAA member and support this society?

The SAA is devoted to promoting the discipline of the property tax audit and personal property appraisal.

This means using all of our resources to expand and improve professional training and mentorship, to provide venues for our members to share their work experience and thoughts, and to establish important contacts to facilitate exchange and collaboration.

Our society works hard to develop educational and resourceful conferences for its members and to keep them informed about appraisal and audit issues that will affect them, both as auditors and as citizens.

Certification Program with Professional Designation.

The society offers a Certification Program to give recognition to the levels of experience, education, and proficiency attained by the Regular, Affiliate and Retired members. The above classes of membership may seek to qualify for processional grades of 'Accredited' 'Certified' and 'Master' Auditor-Appraiser. A member must commence with the first professional grade of 'Accredited' before becoming eligible to progress to the 'Certified' and finally to the 'Master' level.

Membership also provides the following:

  • Exchanges of Technical Data and Experience
  • Educational Activities such as Seminars and Conferences
  • Society Publications
  • Library to Provide Research Material for the Members

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