Access to Assessors Records

LTA 2011-050

Revenue and Taxation Codesection 408 requires county assessors to keep certain information  confidential. Specifically, section 408(a) provides that homeowners' and disabled veterans'  exemption claims, and information and records in an assessor's office that are not required by  law…

Website Location Property Tax Rules

LTA  2011-021

Recently, we made some changes to our website to help improve its usefulness. One ol the changes required moving the location of the Property Tax Rules. Since we believe that some counties have a link from their website to the Rules on our website, it will be necessary for you to change your link.


Guidelines for Appraiser Certification and Training

LTA  2011-013

On February 23, 2011, the Board of Equalization (Board) approved the Guidelines  for Appraiser Certification and Training (Guidelines). These Guidelines supersede those that were previously adopted on October 15,2003 which were distributed in Letter To Assessors 2003/068. Section 670 of the Revenue…